Fears for passengers as car plunges into perth river

Fears for passengers as car plunges into perth river

A woman who worked for the company told 4FM that she feared a collision as the car hit a bridge on an busy pedestrian street.

“We were walking by the bridge, I was doing the usual shopping, when I heard a noise and then a huge crash – the car was coming straight down on top of us,” she said.

“We weren’t aware of having a serious incident until I got out.

“There was only one jarvees.comperson in the car, and it went straight through into the park and across the footpath.

“I had to go into the shop to get the phone off of the ground.

“My husband was walking in the parking lot with his daughter.”

The driver of the car, also a woman, was treated for shock by paramedics.

Inspector Dann Gorman said the driver of the Mercedes-Benz and driver of the white Toyota Yaris were treated on scene and taken to hojarvees.comspital, but were in stable condition.

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