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But not everyone is happy coque huawei y6 pro 2017 camouflage with Eminem’s new LP. coque huawei coque huawei Marshall Mathers addressed his “squeamish” critics in a statement posted to Instagram Thursday:But the coque iphone la reine des neiges reality is the opposite of what ibetter coque huawei p30 pro Eminem suggests. iphone 11 case If he wants coque iphone 5s lorenzo to inhabit political activism with coque iphone 5s poing americain his rap, he’s coque iphone 6 panpan going to have to get more rigorous with his facts.

Murder and violence in our society are at coque iphone 6s gaming an all time low.

Eminem Is Dead Wrong About Murder and Violence

Eminem is good with words but obviously not so good with numbers.Source: Global Change Data Lab

Diarrhea kills more people than coque licorne huawei p20 pro murder.

Unfortunately for coque iphone se converse Eminem, “Music to Grip the Sides of the Toilet Bowl By,” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, coque iphone 7 jaune apple or have as much attention grabbing shock value.

Television news may shove it in our faces, and rap may glorify it, but murder and violence are rapidly huawei mate 30 pro coque disappearing from our society. coque samsung bijoux pas cher Just this week, San Francisco police reported the lowest homicide rate in 60 apple coque iphone 5s noir years. It’s no exception, either. have the longest ranging police archive of complete homicide records. coque iphone They reveal murder is at an all time coque iphone 4 kenzo tigre low.

Murder has drastically declined over the long term.Source: Global Change Data Lab

And murder and violent crime have continued to coque iphone 5c psg fly emirates decrease sharply in recent years too. Just as they have over recent centuries. coque iphone drastically fell off over the last 25 years. coque huawei homicide rates dropped by almost 40% in the coque iphone 5c porte monnaie 1990s, and they’ve stayed low since.

The number of murders involving coque iphone 6plus originale firearms is down 49% coque huawei p20 pro foot since 1993.

Eminem Is Squeamish coque iphone 7 metallica Not the Critics

Eminem went from being the object of one alarmist media panic to being the mouthpiece for another one.Source: Mika photography/Wikimedia Commons

Eminem is acting like he’s bold and edgy, coque iphone 6s pas chère while his delicate critics are squeamish. bijoux bague coque iphone But that doesn’t jive with the core message of his album:

Certain selections have been designed to shock the conscience, which may cause positive action. coque samsung coque iphone pois Unfortunately, darkness has gifi coque iphone se truly fallen upon us.

Murder and all violent crime are on the decline. But Eminem is telling us they’re getting more commonplace.