Calls for eastman inquiry review on constitutional grounds as opposition accuses PM of giving cover for paedophiles

Calls for eastman inquiry review on constitutional grounds as opposition accuses PM of giving cover for paedophiles

Sir Andrew Green’s letter to the House of Commons will have been read as an attempt to defend the Cabinet secretary for defending the sex abuse scandal under his leadership.

Green, who will be appointed minister for child protection later this year, wrote to the parliamentary library to say he felt “very deeply and personally” that the investigation “must continue”.

“I think the public are entitled to believe that any abuse that happened within the system is being carefully managed by senior officials and a thorough assessment is conducted,” Green wrote in the letter, a copy of which was revealed by the Times.

“The prime minister has failed to adequately deal with the situation and given little or no notice, nor has it been properly reported to.

“However, the Government’s failure to deal with the matter adequately and appropriately has been a contributory factor. We are now beginning to hear a more serious and disturbing pattern.

“As a result, I am concerned about the possible scope of abuse which may be lurking in the system.

“It is time the committee, or its senior members, reviewed whether the investigation should continue바카라. I can tell you with absolute clarity that I believe the government and members of government bear much responsibility for a situation in which vulnerable children are being treated like second-class citizens,” Green added.

The letter continued: “As recently as a couple of weeks ago, it became clear t바카라사이트hat the allegations about the Lord Mayor’s involvement in child sex abuse activities were credible.

“This was followed by the release of information which suggested that, because the Lords Mayor was known to바카라 the police, they were also likely to be involved. This, it was said, meant that the child abuse cover-up would probably continue to stay secret and, therefore, continue to operate.”

Green was questioned last week by the Commons home affairs select committee about claims that the MP for Birkenhead, who was not in government during the allegations, took advantage of a child sex abuse ring operating in the area to cover up abuse.

He has denied any wrongdoing and refused to be interviewed.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission launched an inquiry into allegations over alleged “witness’ perjury and gross misconduct involving the Lord Mayor.

Labour MP Andy Burnham, chairman of the committee, yesterday demanded that “the Prime Minister explain the extent to which there has been a cover-up”.

“There must be a serious and urgen